How to get found online as a business in the materials sector

Every day, businesses around the world search online for companies to purchase raw, used, or recycled materials from, or to otherwise connect and collaborate with. While it is very important for your business to have online visibility in order to get found online by potential customers and business leads, companies often find it difficult to make themselves visible online and stand out from the competition. There are, however, simple tools and platforms out there to help you with exactly that – all you need to know is how to put them to use. 

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Find sustainable material suppliers – the easy way

finding a sustainable supplier

You are a production company – such as a fashion brand or recycled plastic bottle designer – with sustainable goods production as your goal. Maybe you are a new eco brand that’s just starting out, or perhaps you’ve been in business for a while and you’ve decided you want to make your supply chain more sustainable by sourcing greener raw materials. Either way, the problem you are currently faced with is how to find a supplier to provide your manufacturing operations with sustainably sourced raw materials. Sounds like you? In this article, we will show you the easiest way to find sustainable material suppliers in 2021.

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How to do business abroad in the used materials sector

business directory map

Hundreds of thousands of companies around the world deal with raw or used materials in some way or another as part of their daily operations; whether they are handling the sourcing and input of (raw) materials, the management or trade of waste and residuals, or anything in between. As such, the opportunities for connection, transaction, collaboration, and partnerships are endless. The opportunities are there, the challenge is simply finding the right company to suit your needs. 

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