How to make money selling your industrial material waste

steel wire rolled into coils. industrial material waste being sold

Most businesses that deal with raw materials and production processes know that managing their industrial waste properly and responsibly (not to mention sustainably) can be a considerable hassle at times. What a lot of businesses don’t know, however, is that there is a way to handle your waste effectively and sustainably, while making a considerable amount of money in the process. What way is that? It’s simple: selling your material scraps, waste materials, and production byproducts online to those looking to source secondary raw materials for their recycling plants or supply chains.

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Circular Industry Network: Circular economy as a business opportunity

The circular economy, in which resources are reused and very little goes to waste, is often talked about in relation to its environmental impact. And while it is certainly true that we need to shift towards a reduce-reuse-recycle economic model to prevent environmental collapse, the circular economy also has incredible business and economic potential. This is exactly why we established the Circular Industry Network: to provide companies with a way to turn the (raw) materials-based circular economy into a business opportunity, network and collaborate with other businesses, and keep up to date with new circular economy opportunities.

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How to grow your business sustainably with

grow your business sustainably materialtrader map

Are you interested in forwarding the circular economy through your business practices? Perhaps you have a bunch of residual pulp laying around? Or are you in search of recycled plastics for your production plant? Whatever your need may be, our mission is to help you grow your business sustainably by getting you the materials, business contacts, and information you are looking for, in a way that also forwards the circular economy. On you can trade materials on our Marketplace, get in touch with new business partners on our Business Directory, or stay updated on circular economy news on our Community. Continue reading “How to grow your business sustainably with”