The Circular Economy: More than Just ‘Recycling Better’

recycling circular economy

All too frequently the terms ‘recycling’ and ‘circular economy’ are understood as interchangeable concepts. We often think of moving towards a circular economy as simply getting better at recycling – and while this notion isn’t entirely off the mark, it is important to understand that the circular economy involves so much more.

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Metal: The ‘Star Child’ of the Circular Economy

Metal is a material that has been praised for its qualities of strength, durability, and versatility since its first discovery at around 9000 BC. When we speak of metal, we are not speaking of one single entity but rather a vast range of materials with different physical and chemical properties. Thus, metal takes many forms which allows it to be used in a variety of products – from phones to skyscrapers – and for multiple functions, such as conducting electricity, providing structure in cars and buildings, or as heat protection for a sensitive product.

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