Circular Industry Network: Circular economy as a business opportunity

The circular economy, in which resources are reused and very little goes to waste, is often talked about in relation to its environmental impact. And while it is certainly true that we need to shift towards a reduce-reuse-recycle economic model to prevent environmental collapse, the circular economy also has incredible business and economic potential. This is exactly why we established the Circular Industry Network: to provide companies with a way to turn the (raw) materials-based circular economy into a business opportunity, network and collaborate with other businesses, and keep up to date with new circular economy opportunities.

What is the Circular Industry Network?

Well, you are on it right now! The Circular Industry Network combines the MaterialTrader Marketplace, Community, with the Business Directory into one fully integrated platform. The purpose of the Circular Industry Network is to help your company trade materials and machinery, boost your online presence for prospecting and networking, and read about news and innovations within your industry.

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If you haven’t yet, take a look at the material listings on our Marketplace or find businesses to connect with on the Directory.

The vision behind the Circular Industry Network

While our platform has several different features that allow for various commercial and networking functions, the Circular Industry Network was founded with one core mission: to make a business case out of the materials-based circular economy and help businesses pursue this opportunity.

As the world’s natural resources are rapidly diminishing, continuing business-as-usual by using up new virgin raw materials and disposing of your waste materials and by-products is no longer a smart long-term strategy. What’s more, it is not just more future-proof but actually also more profitable for companies to switch to circular business practices.

Circular economy business opportunities

The Circular Industry Network contributes to this paradigm shift by giving your business the opportunity to do exactly that: switch to a more future-proof circular practice, such as sourcing raw materials second-hand or selling excess unused material stock to other companies on our Marketplace. Our Community and Directory, the two other pillars of the Circular Industry Network, serve as breeding grounds for inspiration and collaboration between you and other companies.

Ultimately, the Circular Industry Network demonstrates that making money and operating sustainably do go hand in hand. Helping your business get the materials, contacts, and information you need, while facilitating the circular economy, is exactly why the Circular Industry Network exists.

If you would like a consultation on what unique circular business opportunities your individual business situation might have, feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you or seeing you on our Circular Industry Network!

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