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finding a sustainable supplier

You are a production company – such as a fashion brand or recycled plastic bottle designer – with sustainable goods production as your goal. Maybe you are a new eco brand that’s just starting out, or perhaps you’ve been in business for a while and you’ve decided you want to make your supply chain more sustainable by sourcing greener raw materials. Either way, the problem you are currently faced with is how to find a supplier to provide your manufacturing operations with sustainably sourced raw materials. Sounds like you? In this article, we will show you the easiest way to find sustainable material suppliers in 2021.

The traditional way to find sustainable material suppliers

Finding sustainable suppliers using the traditional methods typically requires a lot of manual work, and sometimes even considerable amounts of money. You’ll spend lots of time and effort traveling abroad to attend trade shows or vet factories. Agents are pricey. Personal connections are limited and take time to nurture. Google – while often your best bet – isn’t always the easiest place to find all the available suppliers out there, as not every business (especially foreign ones) has a good online presence on this US-based search engine. 

Material marketplaces to the rescue

This is when online material marketplaces and business directories, such as, come in handy. As the materials offered on our marketplace are used, second-hand, recycled, or by-products, they are sustainable by nature. We can guarantee that when you purchase materials from the material suppliers on our platform, you are sourcing your raw materials sustainably. 

Not only that, you can easily compare prices, stocks, and suppliers from multiple vendors across the globe. There’s no need to limit yourself to local suppliers or bother with the culture and language barriers associated with initiating supplier partnerships with foreign companies on your own.

How to find sustainable material suppliers on

Sourcing sustainable materials through our online marketplace is incredibly straightforward. All you have to do is visit and search for the materials you need. Once you’ve found a vendor or two (or more!) that carries the material stock you need, you can directly contact the vendor after signing in or creating an account. And just like that, after messaging the vendor, you can complete the purchase transaction. No need for in-person factory audits or manually determining whether your supplier’s products are truly sustainable.

Need frequent stock? Set up a trade deal with the vendor. You can also expand your search for a consistent supplier by networking with the companies listed in our Business Directory, where you can find relevant companies to conduct business with – whether locally, regionally, or internationally – all while having the peace of mind that the companies you’re prospecting are verified and legitimate.

Time-efficient and cost-effective

The best part is, our platform subscription is undeniably the cheapest option out there. Starting at just €2.25 per month, our memberships give you full access to all functionalities of our Materials Marketplace (for trading materials and finding suppliers), Business Directory (for networking with potential business partners), and Circular Community (for sharing knowledge and expertise on sustainable business operations). 

We do the work for you of curating material suppliers and companies that operate in the overall materials and recycling industry, all in one place, so you can easily access their stock and reach out to potential suppliers. Think of like your online agent or middleman, except so much more time-efficient and cost-effective.

Further green-ifying your supply chain

If you want to further green your supply chain, consider also offering your production waste, residuals, and by-products for sale on our platform. This way nothing from your production process goes to waste, you generate a new revenue stream from the earnings of your sales, and you take care of the sustainability of both ends of your manufacturing process. Read about how you can monetize your industrial material waste by offering it for sale on the MaterialTrader platform.

If you are ready to find your new sustainable material supplier, head on over to! Or, book a free consultation with us on how to source your production materials sustainably by sending an email to See you on our platform!

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