How to do business abroad in the used materials sector

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Hundreds of thousands of companies around the world deal with raw or used materials in some way or another as part of their daily operations; whether they are handling the sourcing and input of (raw) materials, the management or trade of waste and residuals, or anything in between. As such, the opportunities for connection, transaction, collaboration, and partnerships are endless. The opportunities are there, the challenge is simply finding the right company to suit your needs. 

How can I find a company to do business with abroad?

If you are reading this, chances are you’re looking to collaborate or do business with a company in the material trade and/or material supply, logistics, manufacturing, or waste management industries. For example, you might be a European waste management company looking to do business with recyclers in China. Or, you may be a US-based sustainable garment manufacturing company searching for a second-hand textile supplier in Turkey to supply your operations in the long term.

Regardless of who you are and what you are looking for, you’re probably also wondering about the best way to find a suitable business that is interested in collaborating with you, as well as understand which companies out of the thousands are credible and have verifiable business information. 

This is where this guide comes in handy: in the following sections we will show you how you can use the MaterialTrader Business Directory to find relevant companies to conduct business with – whether locally, regionally, or internationally – all while having the peace of mind that the companies you’re prospecting are verified and legitimate.

Finding relevant companies using the Business Directory

MaterialTrader’s Business Directory is the most comprehensive international business directory related to materials and recycling. Here, you can search for and get in contact with thousands of verified companies in the materials sector. These include companies that are directly involved with the handling of materials, such as manufacturers and recyclers, but also companies that are more loosely involved in the industry, such as logistics and consultancy companies.

MaterialTrader’s Business Directory features nearly 3,000 businesses in Europe, as well as hundreds across Asia, Africa, and north and South America.

Safely connect with new business partners

When you’re searching through our Business Directory, you never have to worry about the legitimacy of the companies you come across. Whenever a company wants to become featured in our directory, they first undergo a careful and thorough verification process. We check and verify that the company is real and legitimate, and that the VAT, Chamber of Commerce, and banking information they provide is valid. This way, you don’t have to take on the work of weeding out the scammers and suspicious businesses yourself – just check for the green checkmark featured on their profile.

Handy search functions on the Business Directory

The first step in the process of making new business connections is, obviously, to get searching. Our Business Directory has several convenient search functionalities to make this process as easy as possible for you. You can browse for companies across the globe on the interactive map, or you can use the search bar to search by company name, their industry or type (i.e. consultancy, logistics, manufacturer, material trader/supplier, sales agency, trade compliance, waste management), the materials they deal in (i.e. plastics, glass, timber, etc.), or their location.

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Search for companies across the globe on the interactive map.

You’ll get an overview of all the companies that match your search criteria, starting with the ones that are verified. At a quick glance, you can determine which (material) sector they are operating in and their geographical location. 

company list business directory used materials
View a list of all companies that match your search criteria.

Going to their company page reveals more information about that company, such as their address, company information such as VAT and Chamber of Commerce, and any active advertisements they have placed on our materials marketplace

company page business directory used materials
View more details about the company on their company page.

Getting in touch with potential business partners

When you have found a company that you want to get in touch with, you can contact them using the contact information provided on their profile. If you haven’t already, you will need to make an account with us before gaining access to their contact information. We do this in order to foster a safe environment for everyone in our directory, to protect the companies that are featured in our directory from unverified solicitors and potential scammers.

Create new contacts with confidence

All in all, the Business Directory is an excellent solution for you if you’re looking to do business with other companies in the materials sector but don’t quite know where to start looking. Our safety and verification procedures ensure that you’ll be operating in a trustworthy search environment featuring legitimate business contacts. Ready to start searching? Give the directory a go!

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