How to get found online as a business in the materials sector

Every day, businesses around the world search online for companies to purchase raw, used, or recycled materials from, or to otherwise connect and collaborate with. While it is very important for your business to have online visibility in order to get found online by potential customers and business leads, companies often find it difficult to make themselves visible online and stand out from the competition. There are, however, simple tools and platforms out there to help you with exactly that – all you need to know is how to put them to use. 

How can I get found online as a materials company?

If you are reading this, chances are you’re a business operating in some area of the materials sector, be it material sourcing, trading, manufacturing, or recycling and waste management. Whatever your field of operations is, you acknowledge that being findable online is essential to your company’s success. 

Likely, you want your business to be more visible online so that you can attract more customers, clients, or trading partners. Perhaps you have even recently decided to expand into a new foreign market and wish to build up recognition and partnerships there; or you may simply want to be found by and conduct business with companies located in foreign countries.

Whatever your situation is, you are ultimately looking for a way to boost your online presence and ensure your company appears more often in online searches. This is where the MaterialTrader Business Directory comes in: by registering your business on our online directory, you can greatly boost your online presence and get found online by companies around the world.


“You don’t even need to have your own website to start appearing in online searches – being listed in an online directory gives you that online visibility and search engine ranking.”

Listing your company on the MaterialTrader Business Directory

MaterialTrader’s Business Directory is the most comprehensive international business directory related to materials and recycling. Here, you can register your company to be listed, where you will be found by hundreds of companies searching for businesses in the materials sector. 

Becoming listed in a directory not only means your company will show up in the search results when people search directly on the Business Directory; it also improves your SEO and search ranking on external search engines such as Google. This means that your company will show up higher in the search results whenever someone uses a search term related to your business or your material or service offering.

The best part is that you don’t even need to have your own website to start appearing in online searches – being listed in an online directory gives you that online visibility and search engine ranking.

How the MaterialTrader Business Directory works 

To make it easy for searchers to find the company that best suits what they are looking for at a glance, your directory listing displays the most important information about your business. This includes the (material) sector you operate in, your geographical location, and company information such as VAT and Chamber of Commerce. If you are selling any used or raw materials or machines on our materials marketplace, these advertisements will appear as well. 

People who are searching for businesses in your location, industry sub-type (i.e. manufacturer, material trader/supplier, trade compliance, waste management), or material you deal in (i.e. plastics, glass, timber, etc.) will find your company listed on the directory and can get in touch with you.

get found online via the business finder
Searchers across the globe find your company listing on the directory’s Business Finder.

Get contacted by interested businesses safely

When you’re listed on our Business Directory, you never have to worry about the legitimacy of the companies that contact you. We make sure that each company has undergone a verification process to keep you safe from unverified solicitors and potential scammers. Whenever any company wants to use the directory, whether they wish to list their own company or contact a business listed on the directory, they must first make an account with us and undergo a careful and thorough verification process. We check and verify that the company is real and legitimate, and that the VAT, Chamber of Commerce, and banking information they provide is valid. This way, you can respond to interested business leads with complete confidence and security.

Establish your business’s credibility

This verification process gives you the additional benefit of credibility. You get a green ‘verified’ checkmark that sits next to your name, signaling to searchers that your company has undergone the verification process and is trustworthy to conduct business with. Additionally, your profiles on the Business Directory and materials marketplace are linked so that your verified status appears next to your ad on the marketplace, positioning your materials advertisements as legitimate and credible. Your verified status also gives you a priority high position in the directory search results. 

get found online via the business directory company list
The green ‘verified’ checkmark next to your company name establishes credibility for your company and builds trust in searchers.

Getting in touch with potential business partners

You can also be the one to reach out to new business contacts by using the search functionality of our Business Directory – no need to wait for businesses to contact you! If you are looking to connect with other companies in the materials sector, we recommend reading our guide to using the Directory to find verified business contacts

Get found online and generate new business leads with confidence

All in all, the Business Directory is an excellent solution for you if you’re looking to generate better online presence and get found online, even if (and especially if) you don’t have your own website. By becoming a verified listing on the Business Directory, you position your business offering as credible and trustworthy and can be confident that you are operating in a trustworthy search environment with legitimate business leads.

Get listed in the Business Directory

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