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Are you interested in forwarding the circular economy through your business practices? Perhaps you have a bunch of residual pulp laying around? Or are you in search of recycled plastics for your production plant? Whatever your need may be, our mission is to help you grow your business sustainably by getting you the materials, business contacts, and information you are looking for, in a way that also forwards the circular economy. On you can trade materials on our Marketplace, get in touch with new business partners on our Business Directory, or stay updated on circular economy news on our Community.

materialtrader grow your business sustainably


The Business Directory is where you can find and contact companies in various material and recycling sectors around the globe. Your company will also be featured in this Directory when you make an account with us, so that other businesses can reach out to initiate a business transaction with you. All companies listed in our Business Directory undergo a verification process to filter out the scammers, so you can rest assured that the companies you interact with are real and trustworthy.


The Marketplace is a platform for trading secondary (raw) materials, residuals, recyclables, and used machines. Here you can buy or sell materials of all kinds, both virgin and used, such as plastic polymers, copper wire, CPU chips, and textiles. Placing your own advertisement or searching for the right vendor is easy and straightforward on our platform. Our members are located around the world, so you are able to find vendors or sell your material stock locally and internationally. We’ve also partnered up with Stripe for simplified billing and account verification, which makes trading on our verified network more secure for all users.


The Community is where you can find relevant circular industry information and business case studies. This is the place to look if you are searching for information on how you can use circular economy opportunities to grow your business, such as how you can get your piece of the $10B reusable packaging market or how to make money from your production waste. The Community is a place for us to learn from each other, so feel free to make use of the comments forum to ask for information or share your knowledge.

“Our mission is to help you get the materials, business contacts, and information you are looking for, in a way that also forwards the circular economy.”

Grow your business sustainably

When you sign up to MaterialTrader, you immediately gain access to all three of these core platforms. Not only that, having one connected and centralized account makes it more transparent who your new business or trading partner is. You also get far more functionalities on our network, such as being able to display your trading interests and link your Directory profile to all your product advertisements on the Marketplace, giving you more online exposure. All in all, is your one-stop-shop for trading materials and connecting with potential business partners in a way that grows your business sustainably and helps prevent unnecessary material waste.

If you’re aiming to fast forward your circular material trade, or if you’re in need of new relevant business partners, then join us on We are more than happy to have you on board. If you’re having a bit of trouble making up your mind, go ahead and have a look around on the Marketplace and Business Directory to see first hand how exactly we can help you. And if that still leaves you searching for more, drop us a line at to discuss how our Customer Solutions can help expand your business. We look forward to seeing you on!

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