How to make money selling your industrial material waste

steel wire rolled into coils. industrial material waste being sold

Most businesses that deal with raw materials and production processes know that managing their industrial waste properly and responsibly (not to mention sustainably) can be a considerable hassle at times. What a lot of businesses don’t know, however, is that there is a way to handle your waste effectively and sustainably, while making a considerable amount of money in the process. What way is that? It’s simple: selling your material scraps, waste materials, and production byproducts online to those looking to source secondary raw materials for their recycling plants or supply chains.

Where can I sell my industrial material waste?

There are several different platforms that facilitate the sale of certain used material categories, such as B2B Metal for metals and for plastics. However, the platform we recommend is, as this online materials marketplace supports multiple material categories, including metals, plastics, e-waste, paper, textiles, batteries, and even machines. serves a global audience, making it an excellent platform to reach both local and international buyers. The website is also available in three languages – English, Dutch, and German – which opens up your material advertisements as a seller to a much wider buyer audience. Posting your materials for sale on the MaterialTrader marketplace also automatically lists your company on the MaterialTrader Business Directory of companies dealing with raw and used materials, which boosts your online visibility and enables you to attract more customers, clients, or trading partners.

Selling your material waste on

Once you’ve made an account on, you can easily upload details about your product offering, such as the material(s) for sale, a description, your asking price, the amount of material available for sale, and the country in which you are located. All this information is readily visible for buyers who are searching for your material category, making it much easier for them to move forward with contacting you and the purchase process. If a buyer is interested in your material offering, they can immediately get in touch with you using the contact information you provide. Then it’s up to you to hash out the details and close the deal directly with the buyer, without any commission fee from MaterialTrader.

Sell safely to legitimate, verified buyers

When you sell your materials on, you never have to worry about the legitimacy of the buyers that contact you. MaterialTrader makes sure that each platform user has undergone a verification process, to keep you safe from unverified solicitors and potential scammers. Whenever any company wants to use the materials marketplace, whether they wish to list their materials for sale or find material suppliers, they must first make an account and undergo a careful and thorough verification process. MaterialTrader checks and verifies that the company is real and legitimate, and that the VAT, Chamber of Commerce, and banking information they provide is valid. This way, you can respond to interested buyers with complete confidence and security.


“MaterialTrader takes zero commission on sales made on its marketplace.”

How much money can I make by selling my material waste online?

How much money you can make by selling your material waste on depends a lot on the type of material you are selling. Prices on typically reflect the normal market prices for each material type. Nonetheless, the high global demand for secondary industrial materials ensures that you are able to keep your prices competitive. Not only that, you always set your prices yourself. MaterialTrader does not enforce price caps or any other form of price regulation, as the platform – and the prices of the materials listed on it – is meant to be driven by you, the users.

Curious about how much other companies are selling their materials for? Head over to and select your material category to see what your material type sells for on the open market. 

What are the benefits of monetizing my industrial waste?

Well, let’s start with the obvious one: an extra revenue flow. It’s great to have some extra money flowing in from your waste processing operations – a place where you were probably not expecting any money to come from, and that may have even been an area of expense if you had to pay to process your waste otherwise.

But it’s not just all about money, right? Selling your used materials and byproducts is an excellent way to keep valuable materials circulating within the economy where they will serve another purpose and continue to provide value. In a world with limited natural resources, it’s imperative (and, as we’ve seen, economical) to make the most use out of existing materials as possible. 

By selling your materials to a recycler, manufacturer, or another company that will put them to use somehow, you prevent these materials from dropping out of the economy as waste, and thus contribute to the sustainability of the planet. And this is not just greenwashing, this is a real step towards corporate sustainability that you can be proud of.

Ready to get started?

Don’t let your waste go to waste – sell it online instead! Monetize your industrial material waste, make your business operations more sustainable, and earn an extra cash inflow while saving the planet. What’s not to love? If you are ready to start selling your industrial material waste, head on over to and hit the ‘Create offer’ button. See you on the platform!

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