MaterialTrader Community

What is the MaterialTrader Community?

The MaterialTrader Community is a small-but-growing online community where we share insights into how (raw) materials, waste, and residues can be traded and utilized more sustainably.

We are working towards becoming a relevant news source on circular material trading and waste entrepreneurship. By sharing the latest concepts and innovations, best practices, and case examples, we hope to inspire circular economy initiatives within companies that deal with materials or waste in any way.

Our next step is to introduce an open forum where community members can ask questions, start discussions, and share their own insights and experiences with each other.

If you are interested in contributing to the discussion once the forum opens, sign up to be notified when this new feature launches by sending an email to

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What are the Marketplace and Directory?, our circular materials marketplace, is where buyers and sellers around the globe trade (raw) materials, waste, and used machines.

The Directory is a platform for companies to expose themselves to find new customers, suppliers, and other business relations.

Eager to pursue business opportunities in circular material trading? Visit our Marketplace or Directory, and create an account!


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