Barriers to the Circular Economy: The Pains of Changing Operations

It’s quite easy for those fighting towards a circular economy to paint an overly-optimistic picture of how easy it is to transition and how well it would run. Among discussion of how disrupting the value chain and closing material loops can bring unique benefits to businesses and consumers alike, it is important to address the side of circular economies that isn’t green and sunny, aka the many barriers that stand in the way of a fully functioning circular economy. Continue reading “Barriers to the Circular Economy: The Pains of Changing Operations”

5 Examples of an Innovative Circular Initiative

By principle of a circular economy, no material should ever drop out of the process but should instead be routed back into the cycle. So as a direct result, businesses can get more value out of their products and the materials used to manufacture them. Following are five ways businesses can achieve this, demonstrated with real case examples of companies who’ve showed the world how it can be done. What’s your circular initiative?

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