The Role of a Materials Company in the Circular Construction Industry

In the Netherlands alone, 81 metric tons of construction waste is generated every year – nevertheless, the country has managed an applaudable 80% recycling rate on their construction and demolition waste. In fact, the construction industry in Europe and the Netherlands is steadily heading towards more sustainable development practices. And hence the opportunities for material vendors with a circular business strategy arise.

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5 Examples of an Innovative Circular Initiative

By principle of a circular economy, no material should ever drop out of the process but should instead be routed back into the cycle. So as a direct result, businesses can get more value out of their products and the materials used to manufacture them. Following are five ways businesses can achieve this, demonstrated with real case examples of companies who’ve showed the world how it can be done. What’s your circular initiative?

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How your business can benefit from going circular

The movement towards a circular economy is gaining traction among industries and governments, and many have started taking steps towards change. Nonetheless, the majority of businesses are still ginger to implement sustainable business practices because they are, after all, yet another expense of time and money.

But what if it wasn’t? What if, as a direct result of enacting circularity, businesses receive real tangible benefits? And no, I’m not talking about CSR publicity. I’m talking about getting more value out of your money, raw materials, and products. Gaining benefit from going circular.

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