Welcome to our Circular Community!

We are Material Trader, an online trading platform for raw materials and services, and this is our community dedicated to a discussion of all things circular.

Here at Material Trader we adamantly believe that circularity is the new economy. As our natural resources run low yet consumption continues to rise, the only way we can stay afloat in the following decades is by completely reinventing the way we consume – stepping away from a linear take-make-waste economy towards a circular recycle-consume-reuse economy. Naturally businesses dealing in materials, like us, are key players in this circle. Thus, Material Trader wants to contribute to the cause by inviting you to join our community for sharing the circular ideology and bringing others on board the path to circularity.

In our community we will be writing about the latest sustainability news, how we can become more circular in our practices, and pretty much anything we find interesting in the circularity world. But this shouldn’t be a one-way conversation, we want to hear from you too! Think of this community as a platform for all members – us included – to learn, discuss, and share knowledge about circularity with each other, in hopes that more businesses begin to not only think circular, but also incorporate it into their daily practices. We hope you join us, and you will be hearing more from us soon!

Once again a warm welcome from us at Material Trader,

Bas Hekman, CEO

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  1. That’s great news 🙂
    Circular trading needs more attention and commitment. We do like your approach. The future economy is circular. Trading materials that are infinite and renewable is of great importance.
    We wish you and your team a very successful journey, Bas!

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